World Premieres

World Premieres

Franck Muller showed his gift for creativity from a veryyoung age. As a matter of fact, this watchmaking genius has regularly come upwith World Premieres since 1986.  Thesewatches were high complications that had never been made in the history ofwatchmaking.  Franck was working on thesemarvels in the old way, making and adjusting each component by hand and byhimself, therefore the production was limited to three or four pieces ayear.  Whether it was a Tourbillon withjumping hours in 1986, a Tourbillon with Minute Repeater in 1987, or aninverted Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar with Minute Repeater in 1989, everyonewas amazed by these complications.

Until 1992, the year when the brand and the workshop werefounded, these marvels were produced by Franck Muller himself and wereregistered under the Franck Genève brand. Since 1991, these products have been created under the Franck MullerGenève brand.  From the triple axisTourbillon to the most complicated watch in the world, the Aeternitas Mega,Franck Muller created exceptional timepieces that left his hallmark in thestory of Swiss watchmaking forever.

Thus, Franck was keen to experiment and create new conceptsin a conservative industry where tradition was valued over change.  Consequently, in 2003, Franck Mullerintroduced a totally innovative approach to the very notion of time.  In fact, the Crazy Hours established a newphilosophy and proclaimed independence from the established order.  This extraordinary model displays numerals incomplete disorder while still keeping perfect time thanks to a jumping hourmechanism. This emotional complication quickly became one of the mostemblematic timepieces of Franck Muller.

In 2004, after years of development, Franck Mullerrevolutionized the watchmaking industry by making the very first tri-axialtourbillon in the world.

The Revolution 3 offers an exceptional technical spectacleas well as emotions only to be found at Franck Muller.  This 3 axis Tourbillon corrects the forces ofgravity in all positions, contrary to a classic one which only compensates whenthe wristwatch is in a vertical position. This stunning complication is theresult of one of the most complex creations in Haute Horlogerie.  To this masterpiece, we added a PerpetualCalendar, pushing this complication even further, the result being theEvolution 3.1.

In 2007, after 5 years of research and development, FranckMuller presented a spectacular masterpiece: The Aeternitas Mega.  This uniquepiece is part of the history of fine watchmaking as the most complicated watchin the world.  With 36 complications and1,483 components, the Aeternitas Mega is a wonder of micro-mechanics andwatchmaking know-how.

In 2011 Franck Muller created the Giga Tourbillon, the worldpremiere featuring the biggest tourbillon ever incorporated in awristwatch.  This Tourbillon isabsolutely massive.  It is twice as bigas a regular tourbillon, its cage measuring 20 mm in diameter and filling halfof the watch.  This unique achievement wasbound by many technical difficulties and is once again the testament of theexceptional in-house capabilities of the workshop.

These unique complications required years of development,tests and adjustments.  They testify theincredible know-how of the manufacturer, strengthening its name of Master ofComplications.  In October 2002, FranckMuller was granted the first prize of the Genève Watchmaking Grand Prix.  This exclusive prize was the recognition ofthe watchmaker’s exceptional talent and the immense expertise of themanufacturer.




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