Remaining faithful to its roots, Franck Muller Genève isestablished in the very same village where Franck started his activity in 1983,namely Genthod, in the neighboring countryside of Geneva.  Only this time, it was a neo-gothic stylemansion built in 1905 that was restored to become, in just a few months, thewonderful headquarters of this promising brand.

Franck Muller found, in this enchanting and poeticenvironment, the inspiration that would promote his creations. The extremeserenity and peacefulness of these surroundings reflect the quest of harmonyand perfection to which the creator aspires. The classical terraced gardens ofthe estate, its breath taking view of the Lake Léman and of the Mont-Blanc, arethe elements, and many more, that make of this place one that is absolutelyunique.

It is in this elegant and friendly atmosphere that theFranck Muller watches are designed and made. In response to the growing success experienced by the brand, two newbuildings in the same style were built and the Watchland was finally completedin 2001.  This vast architecturalexpansion represents the continuity and reinforcement. Just like at the verybeginning, one of the main priorities of the brand is to remain independent.

Independence of creation, of innovation, of strategy, thebrand is proud to use all means to respond to one unique criterion:  the creation of exceptional timepieces.

Watchland, this unique watchmaking concept, enables us toconcentrate on the same property all the various stages of the making of awatch: conception, watchmaking, assembling, case manufacturing, engraving,after sales department, etc.

The Franck Muller group also has several production sites inthe Jura Arc such as dial manufacturing and case stamping, which are thendelivered to Watchland to be finished and ultimately assembled. Franck Mulleris one of the few brands that manufactures 100 percent its cases and dials aswell.

Open to the public by appointment, visitors from all overthe world come to visit.  For FranckMuller, opening the Watchland site is a way of paying tribute to the craftsmenwho perpetuate the great watchmaking tradition, while sharing his passion withthose who already appreciate fine watchmaking, or who want to learn about it.




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