When your Franck Muller is serviced, a highly skilled watchmaker takes your timepiece through a very precise procedure.
First of all, the master watchmaker meticulously opens the watch and removes the movement.
The sapphire glass and the push buttons are then detached from the case and kept aside.

Once the watch has been dismantled, each individual component is closely examined in order to understand the dysfunction. The entire movement is then disassembled and the components are hand-repaired or replaced if required – depending on its level of wear.

In that case, the parts may need to be produced in our own component factory located in
Geneva. To guarantee utmost precision standards, the process is done entirely in-house.
The components are then hand-decorated – may it be perlage, satinage or bevelling – by
our craftsmen and are later given to the watchmaker in order to be replaced within the watch.
The balance wheel – the heart of the movement – is also removed with the utmost care.
It is then cleaned, tested and adjusted to ensure accurate time-keeping.
Once the movement has been fully checked and repaired, it is carefully lubricated
to ensure that your timepiece will continue to run properly. Lubrication limits
friction between the mechanical parts and thus reduces the wear of the components.

The same attention is devoted to the case and the bracelet which are closely hand-polished.
Any damaged or worn parts on the case and bracelet are restored or replaced. The case is
then refurbished and ultrasonically cleaned to emphasize its sparkling aspect. Furthermore,
you can also have your alligator strap replaced if this one is deteriorated. The restoration
of the case and the new strap will give your timepiece its allure and vivacity of the first day.

Once the dial and hands are fitted to the movement, the seals within the case are replaced
and the watch and all its components are carefully reassembled. This is followed by rigorous
air compression tests to ensure that your timepiece will remain water and air-resistant.

The watchmaker then runs and monitors the timepiece for several days of tests.
This process can take up to 9 days, until the power reserve completely depletes.
This is to attest of the performance of the watch in terms of power reserve and
Timing accuracy. Throughout this process, the watchmaker will also set the watch
in several positions to adjust the inertia of the balance wheel and control its amplitude.

Finally, the watchmaker verifies one last time the function and aesthetic appearance of
the timepiece to ensure there is absolutely no default before it is sent to the client.
After a complete service, your Franck Muller will be covered by a two-year warranty.

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