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Question: Is www.franckmullerencrypto.com official site for Franck Muller Encrypto collection? 

Answer: Yes, franckmullerencrypto.com is the official website for the Encrypto collection. You can verify this information by referring to the official press release on the Franck Muller website at https://www.franckmuller.com/vanguard-encrypto- All official announcements and product details related to the Encrypto collection can be found on the Franck Muller website.

Question: How do I know that the USDT wallet I received is your official wallet?

Answer: Always ensure that you receive payment details and invoices from our official email address, [email protected]. While our wallet addresses may change from time to time, you can verify the legitimacy of the address by checking the following:

USDT TRC20 Address:TYu***********BuxG

USDT ERC20 Address:0xBB*********25a287

Question: Can I purchase an Encrypto timepiece in my local store?

Answer: No, due to the custom nature of the Encrypto watches and the additional security measures in the final production, the Encrypto watch is exclusively available for purchase online and at Franck Muller Dubai Mall Boutique. To ensure the authenticity and quality of your purchase, we recommend buying directly from our official online store or visiting our Dubai Mall Boutique.


Question: How do I add bitcoins to my Franck Muller watch set?

Answer: Treat your Franck Muller Watch like a Bitcoin piggy bank: Add funds as often as you like, but only import (or “sweep”) your funds once.

Question: How to transfer bitcoins through my Franck Muller Watch dial?

Answer: Open any live wallet software or web-based wallet  and send or receive funds from any live wallet to the public address shown on your watch dial.

Question:How to check my account balance

Answer: After transferring funds, or just to check your account balance and USD value. Scan your watch dial using any live wallet or Bitcoin balance checker app.  (this will take your public address and search a block explorer)

Question: How do I withdraw them?


Step 1. Use a live wallet

Claiming the funds from the set happens at the USB or cold wallet level and is not related to your time piece, and this requires software. This software is usually referred to as a “live wallet”, which should not be confused with your off-line USB or cold wallet.

Step 2. Import your private key

Having set up a live wallet, the next goal is to fund it. The Franck Muller timepiece comes as a 2 piece set. A watch and a sealed USB. Your watch dial contains your public key, and a sealed USB, holds your private key.

The watch, which you can freely wear with no risk of losing your Bitcoins if it were to get lost or damaged, and a sealed USB, which you would store in a safe place, the same way you would store large sums of cash or physical gold. (e.g. safety deposit box).

To be able to move the funds, you must push a pin through the hole marked on the back of the USB.

Once that is done, the private key will be revealed. Once unsealed, you will have access to your private key.

Then, you’ll need to link your private key to the live wallet. This can be accomplished through a process known as “importing.” Most live wallets have a category called “cold wallet” or “manual import” There you will be able to link your private key to your live wallet.

Question: Can I re-seal after breaking the seal?

Answer: No, the private key was generated using 256 bits of high-quality entropy with FIPS-certified True RNG inside the USB, in conjunction with external inputs.  Only when the USB is unsealed does the private key become accessible. However once this happens, a physical change occurs permanently affecting the processor.

Question:Does anyone know my private key?

Answer: No. The Franck Muller Encrypto comes with a QR code on the dial connected to a sealed USB However due to liability reasons it is intended as a commemorative, limited edition novelty item, and not for storing Bitcoins.  If you would like to store Bitcoins through your watch dial as a physical access point, you can either submit the public address from an offline generated wallet of your choice or request an unused sealed USB (with the public and private key not yet generated) with your order. You will receive your unused USB prior delivery of your watch, which you can then generate a new public address and private key from. You can then submit your public address with your order number to:  [email protected] and your watch and card will arrive with your own public address laser marked on the dial and card.  This will give you the assurance that your private key is generated by you, and never leaves your possession.

Question:Can I get the public key replaced on my watch dial?

Answer: Yes, you can ship your watch to Franck Muller Dubai Mall with your new public address to have the QR code replaced, the cost for QR code replacement is 750 USD.

Question: Can I submit my own public address to have on my watch dial?

Answer: Yes, you can submit your own QR code

Question: Can I use an encrypted public address?

Answer: Yes, you will need to submit your own encrypted QR code

Question: If it were to get my watch lost or damaged do I lose my Bitcoins

Answer: No, your private key is held in your USB or wallet of your choice which should be safely stored and unrelated to your public address on your watch dial.

Question: If it were to get my USB lost or damaged do I lose my Bitcoins

Answer: Yes, you should treat your USB or anything containing a private like the value of your asset.

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