Noble Art

Noble Art

Passion, precision and innovation are the three essentialqualities that highlight the creative genius of Franck Muller.  For over twenty years, the history of ourwatches has been marked by innumerable masterpieces and collections giving acontemporary style and spirit within the legendary universe of the Art ofWatchmaking.

In the workshops of Franck Muller Watchland, the watchmakershave the privilege of assembling the movement in its entirety.  It is important that each part is given theindividual attention it requires so that every wristwatch leaving Genthodworkshops passes the test of time with distinction and that the excellence ofthe art of watchmaking may be passed on from generation to generation.  Many artistic crafts are essential towatchmaking and, in Fine Watchmaking, respect is shown for perfect mastery ofthem.  Franck Muller continually strivesto perfect and extend his research into every single watch component,constantly refining the essential link between cutting-edge techniques andtraditional craftsmanship.

As such, Franck Muller engraving workshops perpetuate thistraditional craft, favoring ancestral expertise by respecting entirely handwork, with no intervention other than the talent of the artist and his tool.

Every component becomes “the” showpiece of the watch whenone contemplates the beauty and precision in the creation and decoration ofevery part.  The degree of hand finishingand hand craftsmanship on Franck Muller watches and their grand complicationsare exemplary within the industry.  Thecare, patience and attention given to each component is tremendous.  An artisan decorator is sometimes required towork 20 hours on a single component. Even if the components will not be visible, it is very important thatthe beautiful movement looks as beautiful inside as outside.  This level of care is what gives to the FranckMuller timepieces their identity and their infinite value.




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