Franck Muller, Mens 45mm, Diamond Gold Case, Centurion Edition “B”


Discover the Centurion Edition Diamond Encrusted Gold case.

Inspired by the world of Bitcoin and the resilient and visionary early adopters .  Centurions were Roman soldiers which were said to earn up to 17 times what legionary soldiers earned due in part to their discipline and ability to act without hesitation.  This new timepiece is emblazoned with a total of 340 diamonds (6.21 carats) adorned with the Bitcoin safety orange CYMK (color code) and marine white time markers, with the dial itself designed from the QR code of Satoshi’s Genesis Block address.  The new diamond encrusted gold case Centurion Edition timepiece, calls in for opulence and a visionary flair, never before seen on any timepiece.  The applique numerals have been meticulously hand-painted and hand-brushed in a bright  marine white enamel.  A custom designed B within an emblem of circuitry, while the laser etched public wallet address elegantly sits as a QR code in its polished frame. The dial’s luxurious gold and white details contrast and black crown give the final touch to this spectacular custom made limited edition piece.  A natural black alligator strap with outer black rubber completes the look.  Immerse yourself in this historical time of discovering this new and exciting asset class. Never look at a watch the same way.

Each timepiece comes as a two piece “Deep Cold Storage” set, with its own unique public address etched on the dial and a sealed USB containing the private key.  You add your Bitcoins to your Bitcoin wallet or check your balance directly through the dial.

See the FAQ section for instructions on how to use the cold wallet.

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Additional information

Weight .45 kg
Dimensions 5.3 × 4.3 × 1.3 cm

Diamond Circuit


Alligator Black, Gold Stitch

Case material
Dial numerals

Arabic Numerals


Scratch Resistant Anti-Reflective Sapphire Crystal


Swiss automatic movement, Caliber FM 0800, Power reserve of 42 hours

Water Resistance

3 ATM/30 meters

QR code on dial

Sealed USB as per Kit


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