Ever since trading began there were good times (bullish) and Bad times (bearish)
markets. But never since the beginning of trading had the world been faced with such
a powerful bull as Uraco, the Bitcoin Bull. Uraco dragged the bear back into history
and chopped his head off, now walks around with his axe and the bear’s head on
another, as a souvenir.



NFT Art & One-of-One Physical Watch


A one of one, unique high complication tourbillon has been created for Uraco, it is a beguiling piece of watchmaking art, laden with intent, this precious timepiece has confetti of black diamonds around the case, giving way to the intricate inner workings, skeletonised movement with massive mechanisms, where the bridges and pillars of a traditional tourbillon have been turned into an elliptical circle with diameters of 21.2mm. An eccentric balance of 14mm further characterises this radical tourbillon. Powered by a 24-jewel manual winding CS-03.SQT movement, beating at 18,800 vibrations an hour.


Raging bull


The Making of Raging Bull

Fight or flight was critical to the survival of our ancestors, priming our
bodies for action. Increasing heart rate, oxygen intake and glucose.
Pumping blood to the arms and legs, releasing adrenaline and
noradrenaline, slowing down the intestines and constricting blood vessels
in the skin.

Conscious or subconscious mind? It’s like a $1 plastic cheap handheld
calculator versus a mainframe super-computer; one is “catastrophising”
fight or flight & the other tiny voice is trying to dish out logic.

We have evolved as a supreme species but there remains certain
hardwired behaviours from our ancestors that we can not control. These
behaviours are clearly amplified in the crypto trading markets, wild price
swings driven by raw human instincts, often with no logic, just pure

We all have a bull and a bear inside our heads, do we buy or do we sell, is it
fear or greed. Which voice do we listen to?

Facing such dichotomies every waking second of our life presents
challenges making investment decisions, like a double-sided axe.

This was the inspiration behind the making of Bull & Bear.
Creative Director
Franck Muller Special Projects




first Are we bearish or bullish, short or long, risk-on, risk-off, as we ferociously swish the blade left to right. The best warriors can easily cut both ways and spin on a dime, shifting direction in a split second. first The axe is constantly being swung by our minds when we trade and make decisions. The double headed axe has one side to kill the bear and one side to kill the bull. The most important feature is having a well balanced weapon. first We all want to be rich and achieve our own personal paradise represented by a floating ‘Citadel’ in the sky. We can climb the long winding stone steps, or, with a bit of luck we can front run the steps and travel by Airship.
first The airship needed to be powered by solar panels and display the cryptocurrency markets. But we still elected to modify the size, shape and aspect of the airship to make it bigger and sleeker to give it more motion and high speed action. We all want to reach our Citadel as soon as possible. Like every nice home, we decided to light some candles in the windows of the Citadel to make it warm and welcoming, in contrast to the thunder and lightening looming in the background. The final touch was to remove the Quentin Tarantino ‘Kill Bill’ bright red blood and replace it with something less dramatic so that the attention focuses towards the double sided axe yielded by the impressive bull, which in fact is you. You are the author of your own success story.
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