High roller celebrates the idiosyncrasies and stories of the challenges faced by the incredible creation that is bitcoin, which has spawned the entire cryptocurrency industry, by narrating tales of the difficulties, successes, and failures.


“Who else was at the casino that night” and “who were some of the other players at the table when Satoshi rolled the dice” is the theme of the High Roller illustration. On the roulette table, several crypto-currencies are featured, but not everyone will win. The image of the casino can symbolize the stock market, a huge institutional fund manager, or even a sovereign wealth fund.


The design of the High Roller timepiece is directly inspired by a casino room, the dominant colors being green, red, gold and black. This is a beautifully created, diamond-style displays a confetti of green diamonds around the case, giving way to the intricate inner workings, skeletonised movement with massive mechanisms, where the bridges and pillars of a traditional tourbillon have been turned into an elliptical circle with diameters of 21.2mm. An eccentric balance of 14mm further characterises this radical tourbillon. Powered by a 24-jewel manual winding CS-03.SQT movement, beating at 18,800 vibrations an hour.

High roller


first The invention of digital scarcity is still being understood by the world today. But Satoshi had already perceived the importance of scarcity and fixing the supply to 21 million. As depicted in the illustration, 21M is chiseled into the wooden stock, as it is hard wired into Bitcoin code. Fixed supply is a critical and carefully guarded element, it is on his personal machine gun. first The illustration of a gambling casino could represent the stock market a major institutional fund manager or even a sovereign wealth fund; they are all making bets. On the other hand it can tell the story of individuals who took a bet on the other side of the fear uncertainty and doubt surrounding crypto; the FUD! The gamble these individuals made early on in crypto and especially Bitcoin were life changing winners. first Many people risked their personal and their corporate reputation by association themselves with crypto. The mystery of the High Roller casino illustration is who else was there that night and who were some of the other players at the table when Satoshi threw the dice. Many crypto tokens are represented on the roulette table, the wheel is still turning and not everyone will be a winner.
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