Aoki is a soldier of peace fighting the Harakuma warlords which threatens the growing
Metaverse. She is an early adopter of bitcoin, an active cryptocurrency trader and an avid
gamer. She is all in all the time, the best equipment and best brands, her skins? Crazy
Hours by Franck Muller.



NFT Art & One-of-One Physical Watch


A one of one, unique high complication tourbillon has been created for Aoki, it is a beguiling piece of watchmaking art, laden with intent. Here, the ultra-modern, sophisticated saphire crystal case gives away to the intricate inner workings, skeletonised movement with massive mechanisms, where the bridges and pillars of a traditional tourbillon have been turned into an elliptical circle with diameters of 21.2mm. An eccentric balance of 14mm further characterises this radical tourbillon. Powered by a 24-jewel manual winding CS-03.SQT movement, beating at 18,800 vibrations an hour.


Gaming warlords


The Making of Gaming Warlords

During the past two million years humans evolved on earth to dominate the
planet as the apex predator by cooperation. Our closest relative primates
such as monkeys or apes rarely form groups larger than 100 before they

Throughout our evolution, people created stories that turned into belief
systems and today’s nation-states with populations of hundreds of millions
even billions of citizens are glued together under each of their particular
belief system.

Language played a key role within each of these nation-states shaping their
own belief system and during the past one thousand years a new global
language was created by the different nation-states on Earth called;

Money is the common language every country and individual understands.
But this is only the beginning, we have an opportunity to improve this new
common language for the sake of humanity.

The future will be defined by money that is not controlled by any one nation
state, where decentralized money can be freely exchanged in a metaverse
by any human being.
Creative Director
Franck Muller Special Projects
This is the inspiration behind the illustration of Encrypto Girl

She works as a personal bodyguard and just landed in Decentralized
Land ( 分散的⼟地 ) to protect a certain high net worth individuals who will
be shortly withdrawing money from the Binance exchange before
entering the gaming centre to party with his friends.

Prepared for any situation, she is packing the latest technology in
firepower including EMP grenades, jetpack, sniper rifles, sonic body
armour and a rapid-fire sidearm.

She is a martial arts and military hardened hand to hand combat
specialist and is dressed in shorts and crop top for freedom of
movement and speed which are her best qualities. Her boots and armour
plates are manufactured from off-world rare metals which are virtually
indestructible with flecks of anti-gravity matter creating weightless
material ideal for rapid kill strikes.

There are two photographs taken from her ship as she was coming into
Decentralized Land and for those who requested to see her tattoo
complete without the sidearm strapped to her thigh, you won’t be

first Aoki's helmet, a K6-3 riot gear helmet, which must have when the battle rages. first Aoki’s rifle, a custom modified H&K 9mm MP5 with unmatched precision and power, to end any conflict before it even starts. first The EMP grenade, an essential in Aoki's arsenal. first Aoki's Armor, custom Kevlar plates, famous for their indestructible characteristics, is nonetheless light and ideal for quick movements and executions. first Aoki's boots, built both to resist bullets and other dangers and to defeat her opponents. first Aoki's jetpack, a big part of her incredible agility in battle. first Aoki's breastplate, stamped with gold components, protects her from all types of weapons. first Aoki's breastplate viewed from the back. first Aoki's rapid-fire handgun, Sig-Sauer SP2022 Customised specially for Aoki. It never leaves her side and serves as a safety if the situation gets out of hand. first The Decentralized Country is a labyrinthine place, filled with euphoria, screams and excitement, but also with hatred, crime and despair. No one of sufficiently high rank would dare to step into this space without protection. And an effective one. first Decentralized Land, a place marked by the essence of cryptocurrencies, the realm of and for gamers. A meeting place for all types of individuals of the sphere, but also full of dangers. A typical saying of Decentralized Land is "Trust no one" first Aoki Sloane, the Gaming Warlords Girl, also referred to as the Gaming Warlord. first Aoki's necklace, sporting the king of crypto-currencies. It never leaves his neck, as her symbol of conquest. first Don't be fooled by her appearance. Aoki Sloane is a fearless and lethal warrior who most of his opponents fear. Her top-of-the-line equipment is part of the reason for this, as it wanders with her on all of her adventures.
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