Master of Complications

Master of Complications

All the mechanical watchmaking complications invented byFranck Muller are designed and developed at the heart of our ownworkshops.  From the simple sketch of aworld premiere mechanism to the execution of the plans, via the construction ofa prototype, right through to monitoring the production — every stage ofmanufacturing a watch is followed to its successful completion.

Thanks to its incredible in-house capabilities, the brandcan push barriers of watchmaking even further with innovative complications andgreat technique whilst fully respecting the Swiss watchmaking tradition.Indeed, producing innovative and reliable complications requires tremendousknow-how and teams of highly skilled craftsmen.

A Franck Muller complicated movement ranges from between 200and 1,483 components for the most complicated one, which takes years from itsconception until completion.

For more than fifteen years, the Franck Muller patents haveplayed an important role in the company’s international reputation, leading anexceptional and unique career at the heart of the prestigious watchmakingadventure.  In October 2002, FranckMuller was granted the first prize, men’s category, of the Genève Watch MakingGrand Prix.  This exclusive prize was therecognition of the watchmaker’s exceptional talent and the immense expertise ofthe manufacturer.




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